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“Nowa Reforma” (trans. The New Reform)  continues the tradition of the restaurant located within the quarter of St. Anna Street since 1995. The name refers to a 19th and 20th-century newspaper that was edited and published in the same tenement building. In addition to the name itself, our inspirations from the past are also reflected in our cuisine.

Our menu is based on a "reformed" Old Polish kitchen. You will find unique specialties such as goose or venison, regional cheeses, and extraordinary vegetables. The menu is designed for everyone - predominantly featuring meat dishes, but we always have vegetarian and vegan options. The selection changes with the seasons.

In addition to the food, our menu also hides other treasures - a selection of wines from Moravia, Slovenia, or Moldova, an unusual choice of beer, and local liqueurs. The culmination of our menu are the desserts: classic, exquisite, and always fresh. Made from scratch in our pastry kitchen.

We are unique because we take care of everything ourselves - from the decor to the kitchen!

The name "Nowa Reforma" (The New Reform) is not just a memento, a relic, but also an ever-relevant dream. Don't we all expect a new reform that will heal everything, from healthcare to the climate? Welcome! Check out how our New Reform tastes - this time gastronomically!

of our kitchen

Responsible for composing the colorful and flavorful menu is Adrian Ferdek - who returned to us after five years of training journeys and took up the position of chef at "Nowa Reforma". Young, full of ambition and taste. He follows what's new on the gastronomic scene in Poland and abroad, and is not afraid to look into dusty old cookbooks - draw inspiration from them and surprise us with his creations.

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